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Christmas Party - Will Atkinson / Shugz
Christmas Party - Will Atkinson / Shugz
3rd December 2016
The Scene Nightclub
50 Plymouth St
Swansea, SA1 3QQ
10:00 PM

About Us

Delusion Events

Established in Swansea in 2009 by Jonny Griffiths and Kieran Davies as a Trance and Progressive Event, Delusion rapidly established itself as one of the predominant brands within South Wales. It’s success can be accredited to the focus on the production of each and every show combined with the booking of high calibre artists and an array of local talent at affordable ticket and entry prices.

The production values include state of the art LED visual screens, high powered full colour laser shows and arena style lighting shows, which are always combined with state of the art sound systems and are custom designed and operated for each show individually.

With the continued support of loyal and dedicated customers and friends not to mention past brand manager and co-owner Ben Joseph, the brand has expanded and developed into an events, productions and management company collaborating with the leading brands in the Trance scene within the UK.



Meet the team

Jonny Griffiths

Jonny Griffiths

Director / Promoter / Production Manager

Rebecca Lilburn

Rebecca Lilburn

Director / Marketing, Promotions & Administration Manager

Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas

Delusion Resident - 2009 to present

Callan Christie

Callan Christie

Delusion Resident - 2012 to present


Pedro (The Chihuahua)

Head of Security


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